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What is IndyWatch?

Indywatch is a news aggregator. It picks up news from a multitude of different (independent, offbeat and under-recognised) sources and puts it all
into feeds, which are categorised. This whole process happens over and over, every few hours. Every day, the feed page is added to an archive. There is now over a year worth of news archives available.

Indywatch aims to provide a very broad range of information. More mainstream sources are available at PoliceStateNews.org for Europe, Australia/NZ, Russia and Iran/Syria. If you want to find media in Audio or Video form, you can check out Groov.us, which has a plugin for sensing media files, and it's own set of categories; Australia, HipHop, Chill, NewsMedia and the Groov.us Wire.

Where is the news?

IndyWatch has 15 subsites (subdomains) such as worldnews.indywatch.org. If you access the front page of the subsite, you get a digest of all feeds on that domain. If you click on any of the categories up the top of the page, above the cover image, you will access a more specific feed, such as a topical or local news feed. If you want a
list of all the feeds on this site, check out the menu in the right column, or try the RSS page.

You can also find your way around with the buttons up the top, below the cover image, which will change depending on what might be relevant to what you are already reading. If you get used to
browsing Indywatch, you will find it easy to get around, but as there is so much information available, it can be quite daunting at first.

It might be worth checking out the wire if you want a really diverse stream of information. Much of the news on IndyWatch is published in the wire.

Which feeds are most popular?

Here are the top 5 feeds for various parts of the site:


1. Arts and Culture (Mobile) - This feed has a lot of contributions from various artists and journals.

2. Crypto (Mobile) - News and information on cryptocurrency.

3. Health (Mobile) and Food (Mobile) - Alternative health info.

4. Craft (Mobile) and DIY (Mobile) - Now split into 2 feeds.

5. Satire (Mobile) - Satirical news pieces and other absolute bullshit.


1. Tech (Mobile) - Science and Technology news.

2. War (Mobile) - Covers various military campaigns around the world.

3. NthAmerica (Mobile) (ES) - North American news available in 2 languages. South American news is currently only available in Spanish.

4. Europe (Mobile) - Covers various European news sources.

5. World (Mobile) - A different selection of world news than the more exhaustive feed
at worldnews.indywatch.org.

aunews.indywatch.org and pacific.indywatch.org

1. AllState (Mobile) and AllLocal
(Mobile) - Digest of all the state level (QLD{m} NSW{m} TAS{m} VIC{m}) and Local level (10 locations) news feeds.

2. Enviro (Mobile) and Enviro.Pacific (Mobile) - Environmental issues.

3. Australian national news (Mobile) Papuan/Melanesian news (Mobile) and NZ national news (Mobile)

4. 1stpeople (Mobile) and 1stpeople.Pacific (Mobile) - Cultural and colonial issues, focus on old culture under occupation.

5. Australian political news (Mobile) and PNG political news (Mobile)

Local news services

1. Central Victorian news (Mobile) Goulburn Valley News (Mobile) and Gippsland News (Mobile)

2. North coast NSW news (Mobile) - Covers the area from the QLD border to Kempsey.

3. Melbourne news (Mobile) Geelong news (Mobile)

4. Sydney news (Mobile) and Sydney arts news (Mobile)

5. Brisbane and SEQ news (Mobile) Brisbane food and garden (Mobile) Brisbane arts and culture (Mobile) see also Far North Queensland news (Mobile)

How does this work? How can I help?

A very small team with a lot of dedication. A really independent and unique approach. A wide variety of information is presented, in order to allow the reader access to a large amount of information.

If you want to help, the easiest way is to send an idea or a source. Both can help with editing greatly. There is a "Submit Link" box on every page, usually down the bottom of the article feed. You could also use this box for general feedback.

Costs of operating this site are increasing as the project becomes more complex, or takes on lots of new users, so a small donation via Paypal or Bitcoin is a great way to help. You can find a donation link on every page.

Happy browsing!


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